Monday, 24 November 2008

Nothing to do with geordie life. But I thought this entry at the site was worth a read.

(Been quite busy and feeling antisocial as a result. Getting back to normal now.)


pierre l said...

Absolutely. Do they really think that the 2.5% reduction in VAT is going to bring people out in their millions. Presumably the shops will be empty between now and Monday while the shopkeepers re-price everything in the shop (hurray for the £9.78 DVD). Sorry I'm being quiet at the mo -- I will improve.

Lane said...

Thanks for the link. I've always read MSE but never his blog.

Agree with Pierre L. Logistically for businesses, this VAT cut will be a nightmare. And after the failure of all the big 20% off sales last week, do they really think it's going to get people spending? More to the point - should they be spending?

B said...

pierre i was wondering the other day where you were. nice to hear from you. hope you are ok and not too cold! hurray for the £9.78 DVD - you made me laugh!

lane, whether people should be spending depends on whether you think everyone should get out of debt, or whether we should all spend our way out of the recession. there is no winning answer there, is there? pah. i hate shopping at the best of times. unless it's for books. or gloves. i went out today without my gloves. my hands hated me at the bus stop.