Saturday, 1 November 2008

Various things.

1. One of my bestest friends, Vix, has a shiny new blog. Pop over and say hi. Tell her I sent you!

2. I'm doing NaNo. I'm GeordieWatcher over there if you are doing it and want to add me. I went to Starbucks in Borders today and wrote my first 600 or so words. Turns out it's already going in a slightly different direction than the one I'd originally half-thought, but that's no bad thing. In fact, I'm quite pleased with it. Just another 1,000 or so to write today.

3. I went out last night. It wasn't my best night out ever; I was exhausted after a stupidly busy week and submitting my TMA really, really close to the deadline. It was however muchos improved by a girl I have never seen before in my life, who tapped me on the shoulder when I was halfway through the six-people-deep queue and gestured for me to cut through the queue as her friend moved away from the bar - using her arm to hold the immensely large queue back. I have no idea who she was, but she really really cheered me up. Thanks random (and also beautiful) girl in Eclipse!

4. I'm doing a 10k for Cancer Research tomorrow. Unfortunately the three glasses of wine last night have had about the effect of six glasses (... to be fair, this might have something to do with the fact one of my friends poured some of her lager into my empty wine glass and I drank some, which probably didn't help) and my head is really bad. I'm not looking forward to it. Oh and did I mention I'm really unfit at the minute? And really shouldn't run 10K? Why am I such an idiot at times?

I am going to Wagamama afterwards though with D, my cousin and my cousin's girlfriend. That should be motivation enough. Right? Right?

5. The house is a tip. I really need to tidy up.

6. My email inbox is a tip. I really need to email people.

7. In my drunken haze of 'hey my goth makeup is really good, I should take some photos for facebook!' I took some photos of myself last night. I've been wondering where the extra half-stone I've put on since I stopped running has gone. It's not hit my legs and is only minimal on my tummy. Turns out it's sitting on my face.

You'd think I would have noticed this before; I should've, but when you see your face in the mirror every day it's harder to notice. I don't tend to care about looks either, but when you suddenly realise quite how much you've changed, well. That's a wake-up call. I don't do diets, but I do do eating healthily, and that's fallen by the wayside recently. Of course, when I run, I get to eat all manner of crap and still be healthy. That's my first option. I went for a run last Sunday and enjoyed it, for the first time in months. It was great.

Realising my face has suddenly turned fat? That's that extra bit of motivation to actually get out there and run off all the chips and fried egg sarnies and veggie burgers I've been eating recently. It's not really about the looks, but whatever makes me get out and do it. This works for me.


pierre l said...

Thank you for the update, B. Enjoy your visit to Wagamama, and your run.

trousers said...

Intriguing about the beautiful girl at the bar...just one of those nice moments I suppose.

Running for you, is what cycling is for me: I presume that to be the case anyway. It's been a few weeks (if not more) since I last went en velo. Hence, I get rather disappointed when I look in the mirror and see the beginnings of what may well become jowels. Is jowels a word? I'm certain it is, but I presume blogger is in US English.

What the hell - I've seen Lightning Bolt, Pissed Jeans, Om and Shellac tonight, and they were all wonderful :-)

Lovely post and, beyond what you've described, I hope all is well with you x

B said...

Thanks Pierre. And thanks so much for sponsoring me. Hope you are well?

Hey Trousers! Glad you had a good evening. I'll get back to running if you get back on your bike!

Vix said...

your list of stuff to do is too long. pick one and do that. i miss yooooo!

B said...

ha vix you are using your personal knowledge of me to extrapolate. not much of my to-do list made it onto here. and oh god tonight... i will have to call you soon. i am insane.

south gosforth chinese takeout though is very very good xxx

Kate.Kingsley said...

How was the 10k? Can't remember the last time I ran 10 metres, let alone 10K!?

peaceableimperatrix said...

How was the run?

Hope it was good, and the japanese food afterwards was good, too!

Vix said...

Calling me coz you are insane? Sure I wont just make you worse? Kudos on the use of 'extrapolate'!

B said...

aaaah i didn't do the race. I wasn't well. i will explain soon. i feel awful for those who sponsored me but will do another 10k at some point soon to make up for it. did i mention that i feel awful?

pierre l said...

I hope those who sponsored don't expect you to feel awful. If I ever hear that you are running another 10k, I shall sponsor you.