Monday, 29 December 2008

Just so you know:

If Shay Given moves to Arsenal in January, I will cry.

That is all.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Run on

I've been running. Twice. In two days. And really enjoyed it.

And now I just read this (and coincidentally, I've read this and this in the last couple of weeks and really enjoyed both). And I remembered what a buzz it was, even though I wasn't really fit enough to do it. Even though it was horrible and torturous, too.

So I just preregistered so I get an email when the ballot opens. I don't want to do it for charity again this time; I love raising money, but it puts so much pressure on to raise a certain amount and to do the race, even if you're not really fit enough. But if I can get my own place, I'll be there like a shot. And if I don't get a place for that? There are other half marathons around. I'll get into one of them.

And I hope they run the North Tyneside 10k again for 2009. I missed the 2008 race for various reasons and 2009 will be the day after my birthday if it happens - but what the hey. I'll just run off my hangover. I've preregistered for the Great Women's Run in Sunderland too, and do you know what? There's a Valentines 10k at Gosforth Park in Newcastle on, you guessed it, Valentines Day. *goes off to register*

I really do seem to have found my mojo again. I've been clearing the house; dealing with things and filing and shredding. I've been running twice. I've baked. I've caught up on sleep owed. I sent an email yesterday that was nearly 6 months late - but who cares, I sent it and it was appreciated. I've been losing my taste for sugary food and craving the healthier stuff. I've not done any coursework yet, but that's coming.

I feel like life is doable again, finally.

I don't have any new year's resolutions yet. But I seem to be starting on them early this year.

(I said I wasn't going to post again before Christmas, didn't I? Ah well. I think this post deserved breaking that resolution!)

(I just read this, too, and it made me cry. David Almond is one of my favourite writers.)

Friday, 19 December 2008

I've been managing to get to work every day, on time, and I finished everything I could before the christmas holidays (first day off today. it's SUCH a relief). I've managed to post a photo every day on Newcastle Daily Photo (although some have been very late).

I've managed to post all my christmas cards before the second class deadline. I made chocolately and biscuity goodness for work people in lieu of christmas cards. i have christmas presents for (nearly) everyone. We've been eating rather too many veggie burgers and oven chips and not enough fruit and veg, but we haven't had take out more than once in the last 6 weeks or so (and for a long time up [until maybe earlier this year] we had pizza delivered once a week at least).

D and I have been remarkably happy considering all the stressful and busy things that have been happening over the last 2 months or so.

But there's a huge list of things I haven't done. I've barely touched my coursework. I've not been running. In months. I've not transferred some money from a savings account to pay off my credit card. I've not paid a bill. I've not posted something that needs to get into the post today. And this is just scratching the surface.

I need to remember all the things I have managed to do.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas. I'll be back sometime in January I think.

Updated to add: 
I have been to the post office
I have transferred the money I needed to transfer
these have been bugging me for a while and i feel better. i feel that maybe everything else is do-able.  we haven't had a break from work since the beginning of August, so I think - I really do think - that I deserved a day off. 
and D's first day off is tomorrow, and i need to remember not to spoil that for him.  I've had a day to chill, and he deserves the same.

(Firefox is annoying me.  It keeps crashing almost immediately on opening. I'm glad I downloaded Safari for no apparent reason a few months back else I'd be stuffed for going on the internet.  I've got IE, but I'd rather not use it if I can help it....)

Monday, 8 December 2008

A thought

I wouldn't mind this winter weather - snow, hail, rain, fog, frost, everything - if I felt we'd had a summer.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The weekend.

My Dad was 60 last weekend. D and I went across to visit for his birthday weekend, as did my sisters and their respective partners.

Friday we stayed in (although A and her boyfriend went out to celebrate another friend's birthday). My dad opened his presents and was thrilled. My parents were both pleased to see us all. Just after midnight we realised that we hadn't sung happy birthday; mum grabbed a cake and stuck some candles in and we sang. Dad blew out the candles, along with some others that were on a nearby table. We relit them. He blew them out again. We relit them. D blew them out. We relit them. I blew them out. Then we stopped and ate the cake.

Saturday D and I went shopping with S (D had decided at the last minute he needed new trousers for that evening). Later N and I went over to see my grandparents, who I don't get to see as often as I'd like to.
I spent more time with my sisters (and their boyfriends). I made blutack heffalumps with S. I looked through old family photos and decided with my mum which ones should go on display.

And Saturday night there was a party for dad. It was supposed to be a surprise, but the cat had slipped out of the bag weeks before. I don't think he expected over thirty people squashed into the house, though. We saw relatives I've not seen in... months? years? Some people who used to work with dad turned up; he was excited to see them. Even though he only retired a few weeks ago. His birthday cake was gingerbread, with a model golf course on top. And there was lots of food. There always is.

The last people to go left just after 1am. Mum tried to wash up, but C wouldn't let her. One by one the nine of us sleeping at my parents' house went to bed. D and C and I were last up; we sat up chatting until well after 2am.

A few people called round on Sunday morning before they left to collect cars and have cups of tea. I studied an old map of Leeds from Saturday's Guardian with one of my cousins and vowed to myself to stay in closer touch with my relatives.

I drove over 300 miles through fog and cold and ice. (D wasn't feeling very well and didn't fancy driving.) I didn't do a stroke of work all weekend. I broke a glass and a glass bowl in the space of about 30 minutes on Sunday morning while clearing up.

It was a busy weekend, full of things to do and people to see. I didn't want to come home - even though by the time we left everyone else had already gone and we needed to leave so we could be back to work on Monday.

I had a fantastic time.

When we got home I put up our Christmas tree. I'm glad, finally, that it's nearly Christmas. That it's not long til I can see everyone again.