Monday, 29 December 2008

Just so you know:

If Shay Given moves to Arsenal in January, I will cry.

That is all.


Mosher said...

If Shay goes anywhere, we go down. Although our number 2 (OK, 13) is pretty damn good. Still I'm sure he'll admit he's no Given.

On the other hand, I don't think he'll go as he's one of a handful of players in this day and age that understand commitment. He's rich enough and his family are settled in Tyneside.

However, if he did go I don't think there's a fan amongst us that wouldn't with him the best. Except when we play against him.

B said...

Yes. I didn't listen to the game on Saturday (too many split loyalties and it's too traumatic) but the Guardian write-up was saying that if it wasn't for him it could have been double figures. Harper is good, but SHIT it looks like he's going too. Without either of them Newcastle are so fucked.

I hope you're right about Given. He's stuck with the side for a long time. I can't imagine him and his twinkly eyes wearing any other colours :) And yeah I don't think anyone could ever wish him ill.

Mosher said...

That's it. We're (more) screwed.

pierre l said...

May I offer you both my distant sympathies. Losing two keepers would certainly be bad news for any team.
Fingers crossed!

MooDaddy said...

I concur, life without Given is bleak. :(

Mosher said...

And scarily his agent has released a "I don't want on the transfer list, but unless someone here makes some serious changes I'm off elsewhere" statement today :(

B said...

I feel really sorry for him after reading this. Especially after that Guardian report said he saved it from being even more of a thrashing.

Think there's any chance that the changes Given's calling for will actually happen now Mike Ashley's not selling? I can't see fortunes getting anything but worse.

Michael said...

If he doesn't, he'll cry even more.
Who can blame him?