Monday, 5 January 2009


So like a month ago the lovely leigh gave my blog an award. This has only happened maybe once before, and is very exciting. Unfortunately it happened when my mojo was still lurking undiscovered in my trainers, so I smiled a small smile to myself and... kept leigh's post unread in my google reader so I wouldn't forget.

And then felt really guilty for ages for not doing anything about it.

The Rules for receiving the above award are:
1. Copy and paste the rules and instructions into your post.
2. Post the award, and a link to the person who gave it to you.
3. Post five of your addictions.
4. Post five winners and link to them as well.
5. Inform your winners by commenting on their blogs.

I think pretty much everyone has had this award now, and I don't do 'you must pass this on to x people' games anyway, but if you haven't had this award I hereby give it to you.

My obsessions?
1) Facebook and blogs. try keeping me off the interweb for 24 hours and I'll get stressed as hell.
2) Nail polish. Silver and red and purple and blue and green and mmmmmmm.... it has to be exciting colours.
3) Val McDermid. And reading generally.
4) I debated for ages about whether to say writing. But as something that i like to do that makes my life happier and that i can obsess about, then i'm gonna say writing!
5) I will steal 'being on time' from Leigh - although more accurately, it's 'not being late'. My family was compulsively late when I was a kid, and I bloody hate it now. I am normally early for most things, although when it goes wrong I a) stress the hell out and b) tend to be very late.


I'm happy I'm blogging again.


trousers said...

Agh, this reminds me (not that I'd actually forgotten) that leigh awarded this to me too - I was going to blog it and then somehow got around to blogging lots of other things.

You have shamed me by posting yours before I've managed to!

Ok, you haven't at all, and perhaps it will spur me on in fact. The other thing about all this wittering on that I'm doing, is to make it sound like it's a real chore, which it isn't by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway - enough of that! I can identify with item 5 on the list too - it seems to be part of my DNA to arrive on time wherever possible.

Oh, I think it's great that you're blogging again too :)

Lane said...

I need to be on time too. Early is even better.

Glad you're back to blogging and running:-)

B said...

Hey trousers, glad it's not just me that was superlate :) Look forward to reading yours!

Glad you're both glad I'm blogging again. I am too :D

Leigh said...

B & Trousers - Huh!
[tosses hair a la teenager]


B said...

Better late than never though, huh, Leigh? ;o)

trousers said...

Finally - finally - I've done mine!

peaceableimperatrix said...

Facebook is a curse and a poison. But there is no antidote, so like a zombie I try to infect as many people I know as I can. Myt two SILs just jumped in, thanks to meanie me.

B said...

*claps for trousers*

heh, PI! if you can find me on there feel free to friend me. as a clue, click through to the photo site for the name. and read the obsessions for a clue to the photo that is mine. (is that cryptic enough?)