Wednesday, 11 March 2009

one good turn?

I was standing at the bus stop when a woman walked up to me.

'Do you pay for your bus fares?'

I looked at her, nonplussed. 'I do... but I've got a day pass...'

'I've paid for a day pass and I don't need it any more.'

We looked at each other, unsure what to do.

'Give it here. I'll try and pass it on to someone else.'

She nodded, satisfied, and passed me the ticket, before striding off purposefully.

I waited, satisfied that I was going to be able to do someone a good turn.

But no one turned up at the bus stop before I got on.

There was no one at the bus stop when I got off.

There was one guy that arrived at the bus stop when I was waiting for the bus home. But he already had a ticket.

And there was a guy getting onto the bus as I got off, but he already had a pass.

And there was no one at the stop opposite.

I feel really cheated that by the time I got home, I had two day passes and I couldn't pass them on to anyone for trying.


trousers said...

You're going to think I'm some kind of bloggy stalker because I landed here mere moments after you posted this, by the looks of it...

That aside (and I'm not, by the way - honest!) - at least you tried to do a good deed.

I've been in a similar situation more than once - it's nice to be able to pass on a ticket to someone who needs it or would otherwise be shelling out for one. But round these parts at least, the looks of sheer suspicion you often get when approaching someone to do such a deed...I tend to try and pass it onto Big Issue sellers - more than anything because they're not freaked out by such an act of seemingly senseless generosity.

B said...

trousers, i wouldn't, but you did it with my last post too :) i'll just put it down to google reader!

*makes mental note to seek out a big issue seller if she ever has a pass to, errmm, pass on while in town*

thanks mdear x

watching9987 said...

I get a lot of people trying to give me their parking tickets and things like that. I must just look dishevelled enough to appear needy

B said...

heh. you probably do