Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Quayside

I went out for a meal with some friends last night to celebrate E and M getting engaged.

(the staircase)

We went to Rumpolis's. The building is under the Tyne Bridge, one of those huge old buildings that are a little ramshackle but all the better for it.

(the mosaic in the stairwell)

The food was pretty nice too. I can particularly recommend the tomato garlic bread.

(the mirror in the ladies' loos)

After I left, I noticed that the Millennium Bridge was lit up red for Comic Relief. I had wanted to get home quickly to do some work, but I couldn't resist walking along the Quayside to get some photos. (For the result, you'll have to check out the photo site tomorrow!)

As I walked back along, I saw a couple of groups of people taking photos of each other with the bridges in the background. The first three girls were holding out their camera to try and get them all; the second was a group of lads and lasses with one man stooping in front for the pic.

I offered to take pictures for them. They were all very grateful - in fact another girl in the second group passed her camera to me too, so I took two of them.

It's nice to do a good turn from time to time :o)


edited to add: links updated round here. let me know if you find anything broken.


edited again to add that I'm now updating my flickr photostream again if you're interested.


trousers said...

What a pleasant read this post is - thank you! I hope it's indicative of some respite from the stresses you've been under.

I hope you'll note my increasing alarm, at switching on my monitor, reloading my blogger dashboard and seeing that you had posted just minutes previously, yet again! It happened with the previous one too, but I was too scared to leave a comment as a result!

B said...

trousers, i'm actually now not worried and 100% convinced that you're actually on google reader 24 hours a day.

i've still got far too much on... but am suddenly able to deal with it all. the urge to write is coming back, and very welcome it is. the urge to blog is back, obviously, and some of the posts that have been in my head for ages will finally make it out. my flickr photostream is being updated at the mo (the first lot of pics are from the great north run - 5 months ago - !).

maybe it's spring, finally arriving. who knows. but it feels good.

Jorgelina said...

Beth, is so nice to hear about the geordie life again! I was missing your posts enormously! :D So nice to hear from you again!

B said...

Hi Jorgelina, it's nice to know that you're glad I'm posting again :) Hope things are going well with you!

Vix said...

very pleased to see you havent given up on your hobby of photography in public toilets.
*runs away giggling*