Tuesday, 28 April 2009

the earth moves

I happened to phone my manager at 11.20BST today.

'Did you feel that? Just now?' he asked.

I didn't know what he was talking about.

'The building shook. My desk was rattling.'

I hadn't felt a thing.

But I work on the ground floor. He works on the top floor. And it turned out that nearly everyone on the top floor (and a couple of people elsewhere in the building) felt it. Their desks shook, computers rattled. And two, at least, have been through earthquakes before. They knew it was the same thing.

Down in my office, nothing had happened.

According to the BBC, the earthquake was in Ulverston. And felt as far away as 'Barrow, Kendal, Windermere, and as far south as Blackpool and Lytham St Annes'.

Ulverston to Lytham St Anne is 74 miles, according to multimap (by road admittedly - not that far as the crow flies). To Newcastle (again by road, not direct) is 127 miles.

WHY IS NOONE MENTIONING THAT IT WAS FELT IN NEWCASTLE TOO? I've commented on the BBC - still no mention. At least two of my work colleagues (signposted by me... I'm sad) have filled in the questionnaire on the British Geological Survey's website. And still it's not mentioned anywhere.

Was it really just my building???? Did noone else in Newcastle feel it?

I'm just glad there was at least one other person in my office to have been really quite miffed to miss it.

(and we're not talking about football. just in case you were wondering whether you should mention it. i've always hated rugby but maybe i could learn to love it?)


watching9987 said...

My coffee cup fell over. But then again, I walking up stairs at the time. Carrying folders. And a slice of cake.

Which were balanced on top of a pile of books.

Can I blame the earthquake?

Leigh said...

A bit scary that, when the terra isn't firma any more... Glad it was an excitement, and not more serious.

trousers said...

I did read about the tremor - the headlines, at least - but I didn't read closely enough to see if there was any mention of Newcastle.

Still there was a rather tragic and nasty event earlier this year in the city centre here (won't go into any detail so as not to derail the topic of the thread) and the local beeb site online didn't say a single word about it. Which is - as with your case - a little odd really.

B said...

Nik - it was OBVIOUSLY the earthquake. OMG did the mug and cake survive???????????

Leigh - so am I, really. I should be glad it wasn't worse. One of my friends lives cross-continents and she is used to bad earthquakes and freaked out. Deffo glad it wasn't worse!

Yep trousers - that's weird. i wonder if there was a decision not to write about it for non exploitative reasons - or what? how strange.

TIBS said...

Didn't feel a thing, and I work on 3rd floor in a building in Newcastle (close to Tyne Bridge).
Where in Newcastle was it you're talking about?

B said...

Top end of town. Not too far from Haymarket. I try not to be too specific :)

lunarossa said...

Hi B, I heard there was a tremor in Cumbria but I didn't know you felt in in NC as well! Unfortunately I know the feeling as I have experienced a few times in Italy. I think it's a kind of supernatural and you know exactly what it is. Not pleasant at all. Ciao. A.

B said...

Strange isn't it Antonella? Thanks for popping in :)

Pez said...

Just got here from the Daily Photo blog...

Four people in a meeting in our office (near Stowell Street in Newcastle) said that they felt a tremor at around 11.20 that day. Then the reports came in on the BBC website. It was all a little odd.

B said...

Pez - THANK YOU. my hubby half had me convinced we were all insane. even though i told him i didn't even feel it. why would i make something up and then say i didn't even feel it? i feel better now :)