Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I know most of you won't share my utter adoration for all things Nine Inch Nails. But I had to share my utter love for all teh fluffiness that's going on round the band recently. First Trent Reznor falls in love and gets engaged (he's asking for RomCom recommendations on twitter for chrissakes!), then the crew find abandoned fluffy kittehs and ask for someone to adopt them.

Is all so cute! Everyone's coming over all hearts and flowers. Bless. But this still made me laugh.


trousers said...

I'm more of an Einst├║rzende Neubauten man meself, but that's by the by. The main thing I want to say is

Awwww blesss! Love the kitties.

lunarossa said...

I fear I'm too old for them (not the kittens, the band!). I can only stretch up to the Killers. Love the kittens, though. Ciao. A.

B said...

teh kitties are cute :)