Saturday, 16 May 2009


I'm not sure how many people who come here actually live in Newcastle - but for those who do, Haymarket metro is now closed until 26th May. It will also close for the next three weekends after that. Trains are passing through, but not stopping there.

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msg said...

Good morning,Beth

To me,it is more complicated to be here.My very poor english!,wrote,
or other. Haymarket,souns good to me,perhpas the more familiar place.I crossed it many,many times.More or less in the corner,in the beguining of Percy Street,there was a restaurant where I had my first meals. They treat me well.I needed diet and it was easy to me because in that time the salt,the condiments,were served separated.
Well,thank you,again,by this opportunity to remenber passed facts,and to brush my vey poor english.
I will see you later,as You said.