Monday, 4 May 2009


First, a quick shout out. I was in town today with D, and needed change for the car park. Only problem is that there are very few places near Dean Street car park that give change.

In desparation, I called into Prima Pizza Pasta, ready to pretend that that's where we were going to eat if they refused to give me change.

BUT - when I asked for change of a £5 note, they gave it to me, no problems, with big beaming smiles.

I haven't eaten there for a while - since my friend N's graduation last summer, in fact. But service like that makes me want to go back. Soon.

The place we went, the Red House, was unfortunately slightly more problematic - although still had helpful staff and tasty food.

It's normally me who causes problems when we go out. I'm vegetarian but there are other things I don't eat. The Red House is good as it links to Bob Trollop next door which is veggie - so D can eat meat and I can eat from a great selection of veggie food. At least that's the theory - I've had problems there before with 'vegan option available' selections turning up as non-vegan even after asking for the vegan one (I'm not vegan but eating as if I were is often easier than explaining what I do and don't eat and putting up with blank stares when I ask what contains what) and having to send it away and get a new version.

Still, today, my food was perfect. It was D's that was the problem. Which made a change...

There weren't any eggs. Or steak. And as they were two of the main parts of what he ordered, this was an issue.

The staff were really helpful, and refunded money we'd ended up overpaying and hadn't asked for back (35p isn't worth quibbling over but it's nice if someone comes over to give it you back). And I think that they ended up letting D order something that's usually only available on Sundays without a word, so top marks there. So well done to the staff... but to the kitchen: could you stock up better for the next bank holiday weekend? Thanks.

Question: I know that some people have no interest in Newcastle but read this blog anyway - and that some love Newcastle and read it for memories of life there. Are people interested in reviews or comments on restaurants and anything similar? I go out quite a bit, but don't want to bore people if they're not interested.


Mike said...

Keep it up B, it isn't all that different from what you have been writing already in your blogs, and it's relevant to what you have been up to! And we are all nosey!

We can share tips! I've been to a new one - Nudo Noodle Bar - in Low Friar Street. It's really good, I rate it higher than Wagamamas!


B said...

Now! That does look interesting. I'm not up for sushi, but D's been wanting to go eat sushi for aaages and we've never got round to it. i may have to take him here! Thanks for the rec!

heh to the nosey :)

lunarossa said...

Hi B, as you know I love Newcastle and I hope to visit again soon. I was there before Xmas and I went to Wagamama and it was excellent. Some time before I went to an Italian restaurant called Gusto. Although I think it's a kind of chain (tehre is one in Leeds too), it was very good. Ciao. A.

Shelley said...

I'm all for your spending your money and then reporting back, so I can avoid the dodgy places!

Don't know how I found your blog, but I appreciated the (slight) parallel with mine.

Your 'about' page doesn't say where you are originally from...

'See' you later...

B said...

Hi Shelley- thanks for dropping in!

I'm from the north west... originally Merseyside.

I can't click through to your blog - please give me a link so I can pop in!