Saturday, 20 June 2009

I went out in Jesmond last night with some people from D's work. We left about 11pm, about the same time as J, D's favourite colleague (unfortunately, though, the night out was in her honour as she is leaving their work and the UK). So we offered her a lift home as she doesn't live too far from us.

With the whole 'leaving the country' thing, they have furniture they need to get rid of. We're interested in the bookshelves (of course!) so she asked if we wanted to pop in and have a look and we said yes (after that obligatory mind-reading things couples have to do where we looked at each other, each trying to figure out if the other really wanted to). We were barely in the door before her boyfriend had greeted us, asking if we wanted a cup of tea. After some more 'I will if you will' type shenanigans, we said yes.

So, sitting down with a cuppa, we first talked about books. J has really good taste in literature, and pointed me in the direction of some things I really have to look up (and I pointed her in the general direction of An Ungodly Child, amongst others - recently finished it and really enjoyed it, and I think J would too). Then she and D wandered off into discussion of films, and her boyfriend and I interjected random opinions every so often, some of which went down better than others - J and D are film buffs; J's boyfriend and I, well, aren't.

After a while, D sat forward and I realised it was probably time to make a move. As we left, I realised it was 1am. I can't remember the last time we just sat and chatted with friends like that, impromptu, until so late. It felt really good. Even if they are really young and kinda made me feel old ( I realised that a) he's younger than my little sis and b) it's now 15 years since I first started uni - aaargh!).


We're going to the Hoppings with them next week, before they leave. I'm really looking forward to it.


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