Thursday, 18 June 2009


How many of you have ex boyfriends/girlfriends as friends on facebook?

I have had three serious boyfriends before I got married to D. Two of them I'm friends with on fb (one of those doesn't actually ever log into his account, but I'm friends with his girlfriend and talk to her sometimes). The third I'm not, but I'm friends with his fiancée who he left me for. (.... yeah, don't ask me to explain how that happened. I can't.)

There is also the curious question of our best friend, who I had a very short-lived fling with when we first met. I don't count him as an ex - he's like my brother now, that would be too weird! - but D argued last night that he is.

Is that weird? Should I drop them?


trousers said...

Nah I don't think it's weird in itself. My first "proper, grown up" girlfriend is a friend on my FB list. If you get on ok with them and there aren't any lingering or unresolved issues then I personally don't see any real problem.

However, if a certain ex of mine was my FB friend it would be very odd - and uncomfortable - indeed.

Individual merits is what applies, I would say.

Paige said...

I agree with the previous comment if there's no lingering or unresolved issues then I don't see a problem with them being your friends on Facebook.

I'm friends with one ex on Facebook. I wouldn't say it's the best decision I've made and there has been times when I've thought about ditching him. But I barely speak to him if at all now and that suits me fine. We were close once and it's just nice to know he's doing okay and I'm pretty sure it's vice versa.

B said...

trousers - the one whose fiancee i'm friends with - that is the weird one, for me. we broke each other's hearts over and over, and it was horrible. and yet i'm friends with her on fb. which is ok - she's really nice, although i never knew her very well - but... it's still weird. but i haven't got the heart to drop her.

elaine - i think you (and trousers) are right. and with the other exes, there isn't anything lingering or unresolved. so it's ok! i'm just glad to say hi from time to time :)