Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday night.

It's been pretty nice weather up here this week.

I haven't been enjoying it. Events have been conspiring against me, as they say. (They? Who are they?) On Monday my hayfever was joined by a cold. On Monday night they partied together in my brain, keeping me from sleeping; by Tuesday, I felt so grotty that I had to take the day off sick, which I was not happy about. I needed to go into the office first; I got the bus back home and the sun was glorious as I walked up my road.

But I didn't appreciate it. I drew my curtains, lay on the sofa and slept.

Wednesday I felt better, and the sun was scorching again. I made it into work, did as much as I could. I had the afternoon off, but by the time I left it was raining. There were stormy showers all afternoon as I wrote, first in the new library then Starbucks. In the evening we went to Asda. (What a thrilling life we lead.)

Yesterday was beautiful once more, but I was ensconced in work, unable to enjoy the sunshine. Today I worked well over ten hours, didn't leave work until well after seven. Not what I'd choose for a Friday. I barely beat the cleaners out of the building.

It was nearly eight by the time I got home. I had tea, watched Scrubs with D. Decompressed. By the time I decided that yes, I did want some wine, it was past ten. I drove to the supermarket, Sisters of Mercy on the stereo. Got my wine, left the store.

Breathed in the cold. It felt like forever since I'd been out in fresh air.

I drove towards the pregnant moon, hanging in front of me like a beacon. I left my CD off, opened the windows. Let the night in.

It felt good.


SpiralSkies said...

You do describe the evening well... I could almost taste the evening breeze.

There's nothing better at this time of year, watching a chubby moon fill the sky.

Hope you're feeling better X

trousers said...

Lovely descriptive elements here, though I'm sorry you've been ill - a real bummer when a cold hits you during the hot weather.

Go on then, which Sisters tracks were you listening to?

B said...

Jen - it tasted good. Thanks :)

Trews - thank you. It was horrible being ill this week, but I'm much better now!

I was listening to More. LOVE the track, but it just wasn't right for that Friday night. Still listening to Vision Thing in the car, though!

lunarossa said...

So sorry for you, ONE week a year of sunshine and you're ill...I wasn't well at the weekend and it was bad enough. Hate being inside when the sun shines so nice and warm...Love your image of the "pregnant" moon". I've never seen it like that and you know i love the moon...Take care. Ciao. A.

B said...

Thanks Antonella :)

Eddy said...

Beth, This is lovely.

Hope you're feeling better now too by the way. Dave (as in Dave that comments on Ncl Daily Photo).

Eddy said...

Actually why did that comment say 'Eddy'?! That is my middle name mind - what am I doing?! Dave

B said...

Well that's a mystery Dave, or should I call you Eddy?! And yes I'm feeling much much better now thanks :)

Dave said...
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Dave said...

ha - Dave will be just fine thanks! (And I've fixed it now as you can see!)

B said...

glad you've decided who you are now :)