Monday, 20 July 2009

In Lidl before.
D: Oh. Cilit Bang's half price.
B: You want to get some?
D: (after considering) Yeah, go on.

Our flat, a little later. D is reading a magazine I just bought.

D: Oooh, an article about turning into your Mum!
B: Go on then, let's hear the worst.
D: Starts reading out random suggestions, proving the inevitable, before coming to number 9, which reads: Cilit Bang's on offer... and you're genuinely quite excited. Puts his head in his hands
B: Oh my God!
D: It's true! I'm turning into your Mum.

Which is obviously far worse than me turning into my own Mum. I feel much better now.


trousers said...

This makes me feel blessed (rightly or not, I don't know) that I've no idea what Cilit Bang is.

ps still intending to return to comment on previous post...

B said...

Wow, really? Do you not watch TV? The ads were EVERYWHERE a couple of years back. I have never bought it before today :)

Looking forward to the comments :)

pierre l said...

I now know what Cilit Bang is, courtesy of Google. I don't know what else to say. If you are in the middle of a big clean and use that product then half-price is handy.

trousers said...

As with pierre I, now I know thanks to Google. But no, I don't have a TV, which might explain it :)

B said...

pierre - there is nothing else to say about that. the tv ads are TERRIBLE!

trousers, i suspected as much :) believe me - as far as cilit bang goes, you're NOT missing out!

i would like to point out that it was D that wanted the stuff, not me :)