Friday, 31 July 2009


Sir Bobby Robson has lost his fight with cancer.

Football in particular, and the world in general, are the poorer for it.

I found out on a train this morning. If I'd been on my own I would have shed a tear.

This article has some beautiful tributes.


trousers said...

Sad, isn't it, when one of the dignified, lovely, genuine people leaves us? I've been moved to read so many tributes online from (to me) far-flung places, all conveying pretty much the same message as to what a gentleman he was in general, and what a fine and well-respected figure he was in terms of football.

Our loss.

I've also read many comments detailing accounts (I won't go into them here) of his many verbal slip-ups, non-sequiturs and so on, which have made me laugh out loud - and which equally defined him alongside his sheer stature: but all of them written with the utmost respect and affection.

RIP Bobby.

B said...

Thank you, trousers.

I wish he could have had another ten or twenty (or even thirty!) years.

another reminder to live the time we have. he deserved more.

Dave said...

Indeed Beth, he was a truly great man. I felt compelled to go to SJP today and sign the condolence book; I added my dad's name too (he died in 2006) as he loved Bobby and used to take me to the games as a kid.

I've sent you an email too.


B said...

Thanks Dave. I'm glad they are keeping the place open; I hope to go one lunchtime this week.

Thanks for the email.