Friday, 31 July 2009

That wedding video

I thought this was interesting. Because while watching that wedding video, I could not get out of my head the fact that Chris Brown (whose song is playing) beat up his girlfriend Rihanna.

It's particularly interesting, as D absolutely detests Michael Jackson. He believes the rumours were all true, and can't separate the art from the man (cf G@ry Glitter - how often do you hear one of his songs these days?). Whereas I can see them as different. (Although I do take on board that Glitter was found guilty and MJ wasn't.)

But not in the case of Chris Brown apparently.

Either way, I can't help wondering. Couldn't that couple have picked a song by a different artist?


trousers said...

A bit of a tangent - you mention Mr Glitter - I do find it really interesting (that's a shit term to use but I can't think of a better one) about the artist/transgression thing. But what I was going to ask is, have you ever heard Human League's version of Glitter's "Rock and Roll (Part Two)?"

It's one of the weirdest yet most joyous things committed to vinyl/format of choice that I've ever heard, and I love it to this day. I recognise also that (for some) it may be a little easier and/or more palatable to listen to given that it's not the original version.

(Similarly, and going off on a further tangent, have you heard Soft Cell's "Hendrix Medley?" I've never found it less than astonishing.)

B said...

trousers, i'd forgotten about this comment, but right now i have a bad bad head. i'll come back when it's better and have a listen before replying :)