Monday, 3 August 2009

In memorandum

I'd never been to St James' Park before today.

I'd been in for an event at my previous job, but that's not quite the same. I'd never been to a match, or into the stands. But at lunchtime I joined many, many people and made my way to the stadium.

I was a bit scared that I wouldn't know where to go. What to do. I needn't have worried. There were so many people there that all I needed to do was follow the crowds. I was amazed at how many people there were, even at lunchtime. Even in the summer holidays.

I've posted the pictures on flickr so I won't post any here. Instead, I'll say that it brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes to read the messages that people had written.

I hope that it's some small amount of comfort for Sir Bobby's family to know just how loved he was. Not just in Newcastle - not just in football - but universally.

I signed one of the books of condolences. I've never done that before. I wrote that football, the north east and the world in general are the poorer for his absence.

He will be sorely missed.

Make a donation to Sir Bobby's charity here.


Paige said...

They say football is just a game but when you see things like this you realise it can be so much more.

It can mean so much to so many people. And the people involved start to feel like family.

Sir Bobby always seemed such a cheery lovely man. Whenever I saw him on the tv he was always smiling.

The photos were lovely and I felt a lump in my throat when I saw the one of the flowers on the pitch.

RIP Sir Bobby, you were truly a great man.

Paige (aka a Dundee FC fan)

B said...

Thanks Paige. It was great to get the chance to go today. I'm glad the pics touched you as well - I went on my own (although as I say the place was packed) and it was hard not to say 'oh look at this!' to someone every time I read something that touched me.

I'm a Liverpool fan. But days like this that's hard to remember. Newcastle is the place that calls to me these days when I'm away.

Thanks again. x

watching9987 said...

I have actual shivers running down my spine. S'weird. I'm not naturally a sympathetic person. To anyone. Ever. But Sir Bobby was something special. I actually used to want him to be my granddad. And I don't mean when I was little, I mean while at university. I loved watching the team play for him, I loved watching fall asleep in press conferences and I loved the fact that he always seemed so positive.

I miss you Sir Bobby, geet loads. Hope you get a kick about wherever you've gone to next.

B said...

Nik - whenever I've ever thought of Bobby I've thought he would make a fantastic grandad and wished I could somehow have had a third. i can relate.

your comment brought a lump to my throat.


Mosher said...

I find it ironic that in an article actually taking the piss out of fans being upset at his passing, one magazine accidentally referred to him as Bryan Robson.

More amusing given the lovely old codger's inability to remember the names of his own players! I still don't think we ever signed a Kevin Dyer...

B said...

Mosher - no, really?! I'm amazed - I've not heard any comments other than sadness - but maybe out of the north east it's different.

Kevin, Kieran, it's the same name really ;)