Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tyne and Wear Heritage Open Days - 2009

They are here! Thanks to Mike on the photo site for the heads up, as I'd managed to forget between being in work and getting home on Monday.

I am now driving myself entirely mental trying to work out what to see when. There's too much! And I don't have the annual leave to do everything :(

All the info is here. I'll be really miffed if anyone using that links gets on tours I want on and manage to miss. ;o)


Mike said...

Your too late B, I've booked out everything! Hee, hee! ;-)

Feel free to book the catacombs tour... I'm certainly not going down there! Might be Zombies or something in there?

B said...

You'd better not have :)

is ok if there are zombies. the hubby is coming, i can run faster than him ;)

Mike said...

Have you chosen where to go this year, B?