Saturday, 17 October 2009

Just a warning for those in Newcastle

A girl in my office was fined £50 for dropping her cigarette butt on the pavement outside work the other day. The thing that scares me* about it is that they made her go into work and get some ID and, I think, said the fine would be increased if she didn't provide it.

What if you don't carry ID? Or cash? Or a cash card? What happens then?

I only have a very limited amount of sympathy - after all, Newcastle Council had a pretty big campaign a little while ago along the lines of 'however you dress it up it's still litter', featuring cigarette ends with lipstick or with green leopard print paper instead of the usual yellow end, stating that you could be fined £50 for dropping a cigarette end. And you shouldn't just drop them, anyway. It's nasty.

So be warned.

*not that I drop litter, but that's not the point.

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Mosher said...

Dunno where the law stands on that - I'd be very interested in finding out. After all, you get 28 days to pay "on the spot" speeding fines. I don't see why a civil (council imposed) fine should be any different.