Friday, 9 October 2009

The Lego Men are no more :o(

D and I went into town yesterday. As we went past Haymarket along Percy Street, I let out a cry.

'The Lego Men have gone!'

I'm really disappointed. I know they were unpopular, and they were really expensive for what they were, and I know that I love the standard black railings with the castle motif -

- but -

the lego men! They were the only place in town you got something a bit different to separate the road from the pavement.

I still hope they make a comeback.

For a pic of what they looked like in the glory days, see here.


Mike said...

Hurray! their gone!

Does anyone think the new Haymarket Hub looks like a giant loaf of bread?


B said...

Mike - you are hereby BANNED from talking about the lego men on my blog ;)

Giant loaf of bread?! No - what kind of bread are YOU eating?! ;)