Thursday, 31 December 2009

i just sorted out our budget. we're hundreds of pounds overspent this month.

i just posted on facebook 'how did christmas cost so much?'. but really i know. it's because i didn't have the energy or the strength to do my shopping in good time, so paid over the odds for stuff i could have got cheaper on the interweb. and because i bought more stuff for paul because a) i knew what he got for me and it cost a lot (he does do great christmas presents) and b) because i wanted to make up for what we've lost. he was (and is) the same. i know it doesn't work like that, but... what else can we do?

and it's because we've been coping by spending large amounts of money on things we don't need. books. cds. dvds. clothes. i know it's not healthy or sensible. but our baby died.

we're coping as best we can.

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