Sunday, 31 January 2010

blog stats

last year i posted 53 times. just about once a week.

this post takes my january total to 31. ( and there were 7 straight days at the beginning of the month when i didn't post at all.)

that's more than half as many as the whole of last year.

april 2007 i posted 30 times. this is the only time i've come anywhere near.

i guess i just needed something to talk about.


trousers said...

I hope it's helping in some way.

May I say that - as painful as the reasons for it are - your bloggy presence is welcome.

CaDaLily said...

I know how you feel. No one ever read my blog before and I hardly ever posted. Now I have readers so I post more regularly. I guess I just needed something to talk about, too. Having babies and being happy really aren't that interesting, when you think about it. How many novels have you read where everything goes right and everyone gets what they deserve?

B said...

it is helping, trousers. and thank you x

CaDaLily, how true...

writing about it is really helping me. i hope you are doing better at switching off from the internet when you need to x