Friday, 15 January 2010

fate is laughing.

You remember what I said about not caring about tempting fate?

somewhere, fate is busting a gut laughing at me.

within 26 hours of posting that, my broken front tooth re-broke, and worse than before. this led to an emergency dentists appointment and me having to fill in a medical questionnaire. breaking down having to tick 'no' to the question 'are you pregnant?', and when the initially-slightly-snotty dental nurse insisted that yes, they did need to know why i was under the care of a doctor. she was nicer after that, but still.

so. just now i was flossing my teeth. this time it was my broken back tooth that went. the filling rattled on the floor loud enough for D to hear from the next room. and again, it's broken worse than before. and again, it's a friday night. again i need to decide whether to wake up early in the morning to call the emergency dental line to get it seen to.

i am so fucking sick of everything going wrong.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

I love you, sister. Don't ever lose hope. For there will come a time when you will have children again, perhaps not in this life, but in the Great Beyond, you'll have as many children as there are years to count. Never lose hope. God bless. Be at peace. All my love.