Friday, 1 January 2010

I got to midnight. New Year's Eve was second only to the 24 hours after we found out what had happened in complete shittiness.

For a year that started out OK, it's ended pretty bloody awful.

Still, and right now I don't care about tempting fate, I don't see how 2010 (or for that matter the next decade) can get any worse. It's started with me drunk on most of a bottle of wine, and not in a good way, after spending most of the day in tears. Maybe that's where I've been going wrong, starting every year on a high. Maybe I need to start 1st January on a downer. So that there's plenty of room for things to improve.

Jools Holland just finished. Bedtime, I think.


Anonymous said...

Dear B I imagine that life seems quite dark for you now ,but I am sure that somewhere in the future there will be hope and light again.Just take your time to feel what you feel now and if is too much you can always ask for help from friends, family or maybe counselling.
Take care,Claudia.
PD I love to visit your newcastle daily photo

B said...

Thank you Claudia. I hope you're right. I am starting to think that counselling might be a good idea. I'll look into it over the next few days.

Glad you like the photo site!

trousers said...

I would like to echo Claudia's very thoughtful words.

B said...

Thanks Trousers.

You know what I said about tempting fate? I just re-broke my broken tooth, much worse than before.

The tooth in question is at the very front of my mouth. On the top row.

I'm so glad I managed to break it today, not yesterday. if I'd broken it yesterday it would have just about killed me.