Wednesday, 13 January 2010

i'm less heavy today.

i think it's at least partly because i took my counsellor's advice and have done precisely nothing today.

it's a relief, kinda. but i don't think this is over yet. not by a long chalk. there are still some dark days to come, but at least i can breathe a little easier today.

on glow, they talk about abiding. about just sitting with the person who has lost their child. i think... i haven't been sitting with myself and feeling my own pain.

i need to.


trousers said...

Good to see you're having a lighter day (and following good advice!), and I hope in time you come to have more of these moments.

Sometimes the best thing is just to be (re the last part of your post) - whatever the circumstances - but sometimes that can be a daunting thing too.

If you find that you're able to do it, whatever it brings, I hope it helps. x

Stephen Shieber said...

Sitting alongside you in cyber-space xxx

B said...

thanks trousers.

it's bringing grief. and pain. but i need to feel these things.

thank you stephen, so much.