Monday, 25 January 2010

it's funny. i've been thinking the last couple of days that the anxiety has been wearing off. that i'm calmer than i was.

but right now it's 1.30am, and i'm sitting here panicked beyond all belief because i've got a pain in my head that i've convinced myself is an aneuryism.

someone in work took her husband a cup of tea one morning only to find he had died in the night. this could also be feeding my fears.

i'm sure i'm ok, really. but i'm pretty freaked out.


Maddie said...

I think bad things all the time now. I've heard from others it's natural but I'm not sure if that makes it any easier to cope with.

I was feeling less anxious but now this thing with my manager wanting me to go in had bought it all back. I'm starting to consider just resigning so it will go away again.

I hope that one day this starts to get a little easier for both of us.

B said...

It's not surprising is it. We've been confronted with the worst of news with no warning. It's only natural that we come to expect it.

I'm so impatient for it to start getting easier. Not to be floored by sudden recollections of the midwife trying to find the heartbeat and my naive assumption that it was just hard to find. There couldn't possibly be anything wrong.

I hope you can get the situation with work resolved without causing yourself any more stress or worry. Still thinking of you x