Saturday, 9 January 2010


I'm coping, kinda.

This last few days has been harder than the whole of December.

The loss - that I was really, really pregnant; that now I'm really, really not - is starting to hit home.

I miss my baby.

and it's still snowing.

i'm sick of the snow, of the cold. but i'm still kinda glad. i couldn't cope with relentless sunshine right now.

the day i was in hospital, it poured down with rain, and the sky stayed dark all day.

i was glad the sky was crying for us.


trousers said...

This is one of those where I've written a comment then deleted it before publishing then thought for a while about what I want to say and stared at the comment box for several minutes...

Maybe it's enough right now just to say that my thoughts remain with you, since that is certainly the case.

B said...

thanks trousers. good to know there are still people reading who care xx

SpiralSkies said...

We're still here, you know that. And we do care. I think you know that too XXX

B said...

thank you jenny xx