Monday, 15 February 2010


for anyone out there who has lost a baby - and particularly those who have had to make the nightmarish decision to terminate on medical grounds - you really might want to avoid the book Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult.

it was a little like poking at an open wound for me, but i did finish it.

for anyone else, i also saw the twist coming within the first 100 pages, and because i saw it coming so early, it had no emotional punch at all. I was left thinking 'meh'.

i was a little disappointed that a book that should have been so powerful... just wasn't.


trousers said...

I wonder, is the lack of the punch in the book - and the awareness of the upcoming twist - a reflection of the book/quality of writing itself, or has its effect been dulled due to the intensity of your very current, all-too-real experience?

Our tolerance to pain - emotional or physical - is a variable thing. I remember having to go for a swab when I was coming out of two concurrent viral illnesses which had caused me plenty of (mostly physical) pain and discomfort (absolutely nothing, zero, nihil, nada, zilch, compared to what you've been through, might I add): I was a bit nervous of the swab since it would quite literally be poking an open wound, but it was like, "oh, this is nothing", it didn't bother me at all. It was painful, but much less painful than what I'd recently registered.

Anyway before I start(!) rambling. Best thoughts remain with you and continue to wish you strength x

B said...

That is an interesting one. I've been avoiding watching a couple of films D got me for Christmas - specifically Finding Nemo and Watership Down - and I do wonder, now, whether in comparison, they would be OK.

As far as seeing the twist in advance goes, though, I think that's just lazy writing. If you've read a previous one of her books (I won't specify so as not to spoil people) you'll know as soon as I did what is going to happen.

Thanks, trousers, anyway. You are lovely.

biojen said...

Thanks for the warning, I don't need to be poking any open wounds right now. How are you holding up back at work? And don't worry about the email, whenever you get around to it.

I've decided that what I get done is what gets done lately. The most important thing right now is taking care of ourselves.

Catherine W said...
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