Thursday, 11 March 2010

Today I'm on leave. Just because I have leave to use up before the end of the leave year, and this was the only day that fitted that a) I wasn't already on leave, or b) someone else in my team hadn't booked it off already.

Know what?

I'd actually rather be in work.

I have loads to do, and right now I'm just sitting here playing bejeweled twist.

And that, my friends, is a weird weird feeling.


ah well. i'm off out soon to meet a friend for coffee. at least i won't waste my entire day, eh?


Illanare said...


I wanted to drop in and thank you for de-lurking and commenting on my blog. It means all the more because you are having such a hard, sad time yourself but you spared the time and energy to be so supportive to a stranger.

Thank you.

B said...

you're welcome, Illanare.

trousers said...

I've realised, I think, what the problem is for me in terms of commenting (I've put this on an older post because it feels like I'm saying more about "me" than is appropriate, but hope you don't mind me saying it all the same - just this once).

It's not that I don't have the words, despite what I've written. Well - in this format, I don't have the words: text is difficult, it's very narrow.

What I mean is, I can imagine having a discussion with you about a lot of what you've posted (not all, but a lot of it) - I could quite readily respond to this in a verbal, two-way, conversational sense.

I'm not saying I could have any greater understanding or whatever, just that I could articulate my level of understanding better in an immediate sense. Text, and typing, in this respect, feels clunky and limited.

Just saying, and I hope that makes some sense. I'm still there, either way x