Wednesday, 28 April 2010

i just phoned to see where i am on the waiting list for counselling.

i was referred at the beginning of march.

the person at the top of the list? was referred in june last year.



maybe if i stay on the list now, and i get pregnant in six months, i'll get to the top of the list in time to help me cope with any post-natal depression i get?


biojen said...

Jeeeeeesus is right! What happens if someone is suicidal? Is there any kind of crises line over there with people to talk to? I hope you find something.

Mosher said...

Welcome to the NHS. At least we *have* a free heath service. Shame it's underfunded, badly supported and - in areas - a complete bloody joke.

Don't have a go at the staff. They're generally pretty awesome. As ever it's the morons at the top of the ladder who don't have a clue.

Just rely on us lot to keep you going - we won't keep you waiting 11 months!

Catherine W said...

Oh no. That's such a long wait. I can't say it better than Mosher really.

Due to a particularly icky combination of circumstances I managed to get counselling on the NHS. It's only now I appreciate how lucky I was.

I just don't know what to suggest B? Have you tried SANDS? Or would you consider a charity offering counselling? I know that there is one round my neck of the woods who offer subsidised rates.

I got seen by community teams, I'm just not sure how you would get referred in? In my area, we've got a perinatal mental health team who were excellent and really helped.

Would you consider meds as a temporary measure?

Wish I had something more helpful to suggest. xo

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, crumbs... I do read all your blog posts and I'm sure you know I'm thinking of you all the time... I send positive vibes but often don't have any useful words. But I think you know I'm here, sending silent hugs.

I so wish I had something concrete to offer you.

B said...

jen, they did tell me that if i needed counselling more urgently than that that if i went back to my GP she could bump me up the list. last time i was there was the beginning of april and she said she thought i should be hearing soon. she obviously doesn't know the state of the waiting list (she's fairly new to our surgery i think). there are things such as samaritans (which funnily enough i used to volunteer for) which are a 24 hour phone line for suicidal people. i know they're there if i need them.

iain - i would NEVER have a go at the people on the end of the phone - too often that is me at work! and i will post soon about how amazing the NHS has been in support of me. with one or two exceptions, everyone i've seen has been amazing, and my GP's surgery has been out of this world. if i ever move out of their area i might actually cry. this is the first problem i've had. i can't complain. well i can, but not too loud. i don't want them to think i'm ungrateful. :/

and thanks.

catherine (and everyone else really) - i can access counselling through work. completely confidential and free for six sessions (more can be negotiated as necessary and i think in my circumstances everyone would be understanding). did i say my work is also amazingly supportive? they are.

i am considering going on meds. if i get past 6th may and i'm still like this, i think that's a sign that i really need them. i don't want to, but if it was someone else in my position and they were thinking about it but not sure, i would be encouraging them to try.

thank you jen. i know you're thinking of me. thank you for the hugs, always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

You might try

Cruse are very good in my area (Yorkshire).

You could also go back and update your GP, who might be able to badger the counselling service, or explore other options.

All the best.

B said...

thanks anon. for the minute i'm going to access counselling through my work, but if that falls through for any reason i'll try cruse. i know my GP can also push me up the waiting list but i'll save that for if the others fall through - as others might not have the other alternatives that i do.