Thursday, 29 April 2010

i just read this article about women and depression in today's guardian.

this quote stuck out:
"I think we're conditioned to think that sadness shouldn't be part of the human condition. But it is. It's like all of these difficult emotions, like loss, fear of mortality. All of these emotions that seem so difficult, so they're just pushed away – then they bubble up. Perhaps we have to become a bit better at understanding and dealing with them."

(i think the quote is from Laura Martin but the article doesn't make it entirely clear. also, 'loss' isn't referring to babyloss)

but i wonder if babyloss - coming on top of all this, and it being worse for women because we are bred to want it all, and to make everyone happy on top of it? i wonder if babyloss is this.much.worse, because of all this.

i'm not entirely sure how much sense i'm making. but the article is a good read, anyway.


DK Leather said...

I love the quote, it's so right. Sad is just as important a part of life, or how do we know happy?

~hugs~ x

B said...

thanks for the hugs dk. same to you. x