Wednesday, 14 April 2010

so ridiculously many blog posts in my head.
not enough time to write them all.

i went to the doctors yesterday.
she will refer us for testing if we don't get pregnant again in within six months of trying (ie if we're not pregnant by the end of June). she won't make us wait the full year. THANK CHRIST.

but something else (unrelated to TTC) has gone wrong, and i need to go for testing, and may need to go onto medication :(

because not enough is already wrong.


Illanare said...

Sorry to hear that something else is up. As if you needed anything more on your plate. Hugs.

Jorgelina said...


biojen said...

The universe doesn't seem to care that we already have enough to deal with, does it?

I hope whatever is turns out okay. Thinking of you.

biojen said...

whatever IT is :)

B said...

thank you illanare and jorgelina.

jen, i knew what you meant :)

Catherine W said...

Glad that your doctor is understanding and will not make you wait the full year.

Sorry to hear that something else has gone wrong. Hope it resolves itself without the need for medication.

B said...

thanks catherine.