Tuesday, 6 April 2010

so, yeah. a year ago today was when we started trying to conceive.

if things had been different, i would have been eight months pregnant today.

nothing seems really real today.


edited to add that i appreciate every single comment, and will reply to them soon. also that i am only seeing single magpies the last few days. dammit.


Catherine W said...

Come on all you magpie couples of Newcastle. Come on down and flap around in front of B. She needs you!

On a less flippant note, I'm sorry. I wish things were different. It is hard to stop peeping over that fence into our parallel lives isn't it? x

Illanare said...

I'm only seeing single magpies in my part of London, too, sometimes I look at the same one twice and pretend it's "two for joy" but...

I'm sorry that things continue being so hard. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Maddie said...

Thinking of you and wishing it was different.

I don't know but the further I go along this path the more it seems like my path and that parallel life seems like it was never going to happen. It's further away somehow.


biojen said...

Hey there, sorry I haven't been around the last few days. I slept more this weekend than in the last week from all the pain medicine. I think this is going to be the toughest month for us. Tougher for you maybe because you are trying again also. I'm thinking of you, I hope the magpies multiply.

lis said...

oh there u are, duh.

i followed the link from your profile to non geordie mum.

:( one day you will be filling those pages, this i believe

B said...

Catherine, you made me laugh. Well done, and thank you so much.

I wonder if my parallel life will ever leave me. I suspect not. Even if I peep over less frequently.

I wish pairs of magpies for you too, Illanare.

Thank you Maddie.

Jen - I hope you are feeling better. I think of you a lot.

Lis... I posted three posts on wordpress when I was still pregnant. one day i will import them over. they torment me. i'll explain why one day.