Thursday, 1 April 2010

someone i work for came along to see me today.

i think he just popped along to make sure i was ok, knowing i'd had a tough time earlier in the week.


when i hear about the lack of support some people have had from friends, colleagues and workmates? i think that a lot of the people around me are... unbelievably amazing. incredibly supportive.

i think, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that in some ways i am lucky.


i'm not too bad today. i'm looking forward to mostly relaxing over the weekend, as well as meeting up with my other sis and her fiance on monday. i hope it works out as planned.


and finally, suggestions wanted.

currently, my due date (6th may) is blank in my diary.

i don't want it to be blank.

it feels too weird that there is nothing in on that date.

it looks too blank and empty. nothing to represent my baby. or my loss.

but i can't think what to write.

and i can't draw.

... has anyone got any ideas?


Maddie said...

Would you feel like doing a balloon release or planting a tree?

I know some other people of glow have volunteered for a charity on special days.

Or just doing something special with your husband - a friend and her husband went to the zoo to get through the day.

Maddie x

B said...

Thank you Maddie. I might do one of those things at some point. But I literally meant, what can I write on that day in my diary? I don't want to write 'my baby would have been due' but... what else is there to write?

it sucks that it can't just be 'OMG THE BABY IS DUE TODAY!!!!'

Maddie said...

Yes it does suck. Sometimes I look at Matilda's tree and think about how pretty it looks or the beautiful figuarine a friend sent. Then I remember I should be looking at my living, breathing, perfect baby not a tree or the only photos we'll ever have of her. Ugh.