Wednesday, 28 April 2010

work sent me home sick today.

they also suggested i might want to go and see my GP again - last time i saw my GP i left it as i would contact her if i needed her. stupidly, even ten days after it started to get bad for me again, it hadn't occurred to me that maybe it would be a good idea to make an appointment. strange how when the bad times hit even the most obvious things don't occur to me.

i'm so, so glad that work treat my loss seriously. the word 'bereavement' was used. in a world where most people (including myself!) call it a 'loss', it was such a relief to hear someone acknowledge the seriousness of what happened, and how short a time it's been.

i'm absolutely exhausted. i'd kind of forgotten how exhausting grief can be.


MK said...

Oh no. Feel better. I'm sending you hugs.

biojen said...

I'm really impressed your work is treating you so well. It is a bereavement, we all tend to forget that. I hope you are feeling better soon and that this is your month. I think of you all the time and always appreciate your comments. Hopefully those pesky magpies will fly away and bother someone else, or at least only be in pairs from now on. Take care and get some rest.

Rachel said...

Thank you for your comments at my blog.

I hope you can get some rest and feel a little better. The exhaustion is hard to deal with. You're in my thoughts.

and thanks for the pair of magpies!

lis said...

glad for them treating you and the circumstances with respect...sad that you are. im sad today too and i cried for both of us, all of us.

xoxo and i hope tomorrow will be better

B said...

thank you. thank you all so much.