Sunday, 30 May 2010

Oh My Lordie.

I just read this.

Interesting, I thought.

So I clicked through, and read this.

I don't eat dairy products.

I've never drank much soya milk. I didn't ever have milk much before I stopped having dairy, so I didn't feel the need to substitute.

But since the miscarriage, I've been living on Starbucks soya lattes.

And then I read this...

If for any reason you are experiencing fertility problems, it certainly is a good idea to limit soy in your diet to rule out any possibilities of its effect on your fertility. Since it’s the protein portion of soy that contains the phytoestrogens, you should try to avoid tofu, soy milk, tempeh, TVP and soy nuts.


Time to have a cycle without any soya stuff, and see what happens.

If it turns out to be that simple, I will fucking scream.


please do pop into my last post. i still want to say hi to my lovely readers.


Kelly said...

It certainly is worth a try, although I never put much stock into it, seeing how many cultures/ people throughout the world consume soy regularly.

I love chocolate soy milk, personally!

biojen said...

I've heard of people using it to help fertility. Weird. I did know it had a human like hormone. I wonder if it just depends on when in the cycle you take it? I'll look into it.

B said...

Kelly - I've been eating an awful lot, and lots more since the miscarriage. I could believe it might not have been helping. I'm willing to give pretty much anything a go right now :s

Jen - yes, it does. It suppresses oestrogen apparently, which can have a similar effect to clomid, but you only have it for five days. if going without this cycle doesn't work, then i'm trying it.

bloody hell. if it does turn out to be that simple i really will scream.