Saturday, 29 May 2010

readers and commenters

i seem to have quite a lot of readers who never comment.

i'm not complaining, but i am curious. so for those who are reading this post, i'd like you to say hi. even if you've never commented before and never plan to again. even if you've just passing through, if you've never visited here before and never plan to again! i'm curious. do i know you - either online or in the 'real' world?

if i know you in the real world, i'd particularly like to know that you're reading. i don't mind real life friends reading as long as i know they're there.

if you want to get a little deep, and you've never commented here before (or only done so rarely), then i'd love to know why! i know that for whatever reason, some blogs seem to get loads of comments and some don't, and this is one of the ones that doesn't get many. i'd love to know why that is. do i not seem to need comments? (believe me, i do. i'm as needy as the next person.)

i know i haven't been the best at replying to comments recently, but i'd still like this to be a conversation.


Suzanne Jones said...

Hi B

I've been a follower for a while and always read your posts, but don't often leave a comment because I don't always know what to say. I'm very aware whatever words I might offer would be completely inadequate. But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

hey... I'm not awfully good at computers, but I caught you from "all the little ponies" I read because my baby died shortly before birth and I am in scotland... so you have a british take on things, which is somewhat comforting xxx

Caroline said...

Sometimes I don't know what to say and often it's as if I'm intruding on your most personal thoughts. BUT I am here and I'm listening and I'm hoping x

Sarah*G* said...

Hello. I am here.

I asked readers of my blog to say hello. I know I have readers and that most of them come from my Facebook fan page but not many did comment.

Noelle said...

I just became a follower last night so I don't know much of you yet, but I am looking forward to getting to know you. I'm in a bit of a rough patch right now (to put it mildly) so I don't comment a lot on blogs, but I used to. I have miscarried before as well and it takes quite a while to deal with it and heal. I'm sorry that you are going through it.

Miss Ruby said...


I found you through Illanare's blog and have been reading you for about a month now....

You (and Illanare) are one of a handful of blogs that I check up on daily to get dose!

It's nice to hear from your readers, I know I have alot reading me but that doesn't reflect in the comment section, so it's always nice to get a hi from your readers!!

Jorgelina said...

I came to your blog a long time ago trying to find experiences about life in the UK, particularly in Newcastle Upon Tyne in an effort to picture myself living there.

I enjoy reading you, B, and right now that things got so hard for you, I feel like I want to be there for you, even if it's in thoughts and good wishes and the occasional comment.


Cathy said...

I'm reading and listening, but not wanting to say anything that might inadvertantly make you feel worse.

Anonymous said...

I drop by just to see how you are.

But sometimes the net is impersonal and a real live 'hug' would be better.

mrs K

trousers said...

Similar, perhaps inevitably, to what's already been said above. I visit, I read, yet I don't always have the words to respond.

As I think I've said before, I can imagine being able to respond more readily - a lot of the time anyway - in a face-to-face conversation. Text-based discussion can be very liberating for all sorts of reasons, but sometimes it feels like a bit of a barrier when I'm trying to convey my response to such very personal and sensitive issues.

One blogger I visit asks that if a person doesn't leave a comment, they leave a stone (o), just to say that they've dropped by. I quite like that.

Anyway, throughout all this, please know that you remain in my thoughts. x

Katie H said...

I've followed your blog for a while now Beth,i found it via your daily photo site.I like many of your readers don't know what to say as i have never been in your situation, but you have educated me and opened my eyes to the suffering that so many women go through.I hope so very much that you and D will soon have your baby. Much love xxx

B said...

hi suzanne, thanks for still reading.

hi emma. i'm so, so sorry that your baby died. thanks for being here.

caroline if i didn't want people to read i'm make this blog entirely private. i know you're there for me honey and thank you for reading.

funny how it goes sarah isn't it, i've had 50+ people through here since i posted this and less than a fifth have commented. i still wonder who the rest are....

thank you for understanding noelle. i'm sorry you're having such an awful time right now :(

hi miss ruby. i can relate to the losing-yourself thing you've been blogging about recently. i'm trying not to lose myself - i'd only just rediscovered some parts of me before all this - but it's hard. and your bedroom ROCKS!

thank you jorgelina.

cathy i honestly doubt you could say anything that would make me feel worse. thanks for reading.

mrs k, one day we'll meet up, somewhere in newcastle....

trousers i got your email and i'm so sorry i haven't replied. i will do soon. thank you for thinking of me.

thank you katie, that means a lot.

thank you again to all of you for reading. it helps knowing i'm not alone here.


trousers said...

Hey b, no problem - and no pressure, seriously.

anx said...

Hi B - it's me

I still read here fairly regularly but never really know what to say - as someone who is child-free by choice, I'm not sure what I can offer you in the way of advice or comfort.

But I am reading and thinking of you. And hoping too, of course.

(if it's any consolation, I am only reading a handful of blogs these days - yours is one of them)

Mary Jane said...

Hi B,

I have commented before a few times, but my comments always seem inadequate to me... I guess that is kind of selfish and will try to comment more. Also, I agree with other people that some times I do not know what to say (thus, the inadequate comments).