Tuesday, 18 May 2010

sorry for going a bit silent there. i have loads to say, but i need to get my thoughts together first.

in the meantime i wanted to share these links.

i wanted to link this article as ammunition for any who's ever been told that they should 'just adopt'. i mean, it's a ridiculous thing to suggest anyway, but people who don't understand might find this article more of an explanation. for the days when the truth just doesn't cut it!

and a pair of articles from the Times....

this article is about what the best time is to have a baby. it's surprisingly well balanced and takes more into consideration than just fertility - who knew that being ready was so important??? *rolls eyes*

don't read the comments though, you'll want to shoot yourself.

and this one is about the possibility (or probability?) that people will begin to go to IVF as a first resort, rather than a last one. i'm not sure what i think of it, but it's definitely an interesting idea.


Tim said...

I'm from America but spent about 9 months working in Newcastle several years ago. I truly enjoyed my time there and check back on the Daily Photo site every so often to remember those good feelings. This is how I found your "watching geordie life" blog. Although I don't know you at all, I read your posts and want to somehow give you encouragement. I don't know how to do that other than typing these clumsy words.
Take heart. You have people who love you. I hope things work out. I don't know what else to say.
Good luck. Truly.

B said...

thank you tim. it helps that people are reading and that they care.

i'll be posting pics again soon on the photo site.