Thursday, 13 May 2010

thanks for your thoughts on my last post. i think i'll start posting on the non geordie mum site soon, but leave everything here as suggested. i'll post here when i do so people can start reading there.


so. i'm now on a low dose antidepressant. something that should hopefully ease both my anxiety and my depression.

(apparently i have relatively high levels of anxiety. i shudder to think how bad it must have been a few months ago.)

i've fought so long to get through on willpower alone. but i hope it's a good sign that i can recognise when that's no longer realistic.

thank you to those who shared your experiences and views. they helped me feel more peaceful and less nervous about this decision.

let's hope that they take effect soon.


i slept last night. thank goodness. i felt pretty groggy today - i presume it was the tablets - but i'm ok with that. hopefully it will wear off soon enough.

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lis said...

so glad that you have come to a decision and you seem to have had some resolve about it, im glad to hear that you are almost ready to start writing again :)

just waiting for the day that you are feeling a little but better, friend.