Friday, 4 June 2010

finally, a post about newcastle?

I know that I don't have so many readers left who want to know about Newcastle and the North East, but I just had to post this link here.

Today the last two cranes at Swan Hunters were blown up with dynamite.

I winced when I watched them fall on that video.

I wish they could have been left there forever.


more blog admin - and more newcastle posts! - coming soon.

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Dave S said...

yes, it was sad day. I lived (in fact I was born) in Walker, and at night you could see the arc lights acroos at Wallsend, with the buzzer sounding the beginning and end of shifts. My dad worked and died in Swan's, building some of the best ships in the world. He got tickets for me and my mam to go to the launch of the Esso Hibernia , the second of the super tankers built on the Tyne (Esso Northumbria was the first). Thanks for the post, Beth.