Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Hoppings

The Hoppings is (are?) back soon.

I'd never been before last year. I really enjoyed it.


The second night I was there, I went to a fortune teller.

She was crap.

You know how they're supposed to be able to tell tiny details like if you wear a wedding ring from such tiny details as the line on your finger? Well this woman put my hand on her crystal ball (no euphemism!) and put her hand on top, and she asked if I was married - and I had my wedding ring on.

She told me to go for a career that I'd love to do in some ways but would hate in many more, and generally got everything wrong.

But as I was leaving, she said...

'come back and see me next year, and you'll have a baby'.

And I leapt on that. As proof that it would happen.

I thought that was the one thing she'd got right.


I guess she really didn't know shit.


We knew we should have gone for one of the ones with big queues instead of the one we didn't have to wait for. Ah well.


Anyway, the point is, the Hoppings are back soon, and I can't wait to go on the dodgems and the big wheel.

I didn't mean to write about babyloss here any more. Ah well.


Jorgelina said...

I never had my fortune told, and don't know if I'd dare, honestly. I know they don't tell you the bad things, but for me, telling me the good things could be a bad thing too! lol I'm not good at handling expectations well...I'm the kind of person who blocks them so if nothing comes my way, then I won't be disappointed! Pathetic, I know!

As for posting about baby loss on Geordie is Geordie is Life, YOUR life, and we are here for you. *hugs*

Miss Ruby said...

Hey I've crossed the "I'm not posting about infertility etc on Dear Miss Ruby" line as well but Cest La vie, it happens, it's part of you, it creeps into all aspects of life.

I tell you what, The Hoppings sound AWESOME pity, they aren't on later!! I'm going to be in your neck of the woods come late October/early November!


B said...

thanks jorgelina x

you're right, miss ruby. and if you're round here, and you want to meet up for a coffee, please do shout. i'd love to!

Shelley said...

I went to the Hoppings the first year I came to England and had a blast. I've not been back since (about 14 years) mind. I saw the gypsy - the only one I've ever visited. She told me I would live to be 91, which suited me perfectly. My grandmother lived to be 91 and I've long held that as my target. Everything else she got wrong (guessed I was in the military!!!) but I didn't care. 91 was the number I wanted.