Saturday, 5 June 2010

So I've finally started my new blog. I've spent time last night and today moving the posts I wrote while pregnant and writing the story of my pregnancy. It was strange to write, and there are still parts to add, but I'm glad I have a record, now. I will have to print it one day to add to my memory box.

In the future, all posts relating to babyloss - and, pleasepleaseplease, one day posts relating to another pregnancy and to a child who lives - will be at my other blog, non-geordie mum.

Anyone who wants to is still welcome to read. I'll be going back to posting about Newcastle here. I don't think that it will be the same as it was before - I'm not the same lighthearted person I used to be - but there will be a Newcastle flavour to most posts here now.

I will leave all the posts I've written about the miscarriage and my baby here. Too complicated to move them.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you continue to read, either here or there, or even at my writing blog, or even all three.


Jorgelina said...

I'll be reading along *hugs*

Illanare said...

Will be following you (in a non-stalkerish kind of way)

Katie H said...

I'll read 'em all Beth! Wish you all the best. x

B said...

thank you all x