Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Does anyone know what's going on....

at the bottom of St Mary's Place?? I went past Luckies today and it's all boarded up! The picnic tables that've been outside for at least 16 years are gone. And the hairdressers next door is boarded up too, and it looked like the record shop round the back (Steel Wheels, I think?) seems to be boarded up too. Paris Texas has been gone for a while now, but it looks like all the bottom of that run of buildings are shut. What on earth is going on?????


When I came to Newcastle for university at the end of September 1994, we were given a book with our fresher's week stuff that had details about all the stuff to do in Newcastle. I remember a few details about it, and one thing that's always stuck with me was that back then, Luckies was the only place that had outside seating. In the whole of Newcastle. And then after I left, and after I came back, it was still there.

What's going on?!?!? Enquiring minds need to know!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

he's still out there. somewhere. rothbury? somewhere else in northumberland?

back in newcastle?

i can't imagine he would have killed himself. he's not taken down enough police yet, in his twisted manner of thinking.

the longer he's out there, the more drastic i fear the climax of this situation will be.

and i'm still scared that if - as i suspect - he goes down shooting, i'll somehow get caught in the crossfire.

but i also think that the police and the media would do well to read and act on this article.

Monday, 5 July 2010

There was a double shooting in Gateshead on Saturday. A man newly released from prison allegedly shot his ex girlfriend and murdered her new partner.

He'd warned prison staff before he was released that he was going to hurt her. They passed the warning onto the police. But he still found her, and shot her and her boyfriend.

On Sunday he shot a police officer too, for good measure.

Today, I was in town at lunchtime. I was scared to look up, to catch anyone's eye. Because although the police say that he has grudges against specific people, that they have warned those the gunman might target and offered them protection where necessary, there's no guarantee. His picture is all over the news sites. I'm terrified that if our paths do happen to cross he'll see me recognise him and start shooting anyway.

This afternoon, I could hear constant sirens. The noise was terrifying. My imagination ran riot, imagining him on a shooting rampage down Northumberland Street.

Now there are pictures of officers with scary-looking guns on a roundabout in the East end.

I hope they catch him soon. I always feel safe in Newcastle, but currently, I don't. I don't like this feeling.

I feel so sorry for his ex girlfriend, and for his child. They are going to have to live with this forever. Noone should have to deal with that.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

British Pathé archive

I'm really excited about this!

British Pathé have relaunched their archives of Newcastle.

You can see some stills on the BBC website here, and see them on the website here. Well worth a look!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

thursday is chronicle jobs day

I've been meaning to post about this for a while.


For those living in Newcastle and looking for a job, Thursday is a key day. It's the day the Chronicle - the local evening paper - comes with the job supplement. Before I moved here, D bought the job paper for me every week and passed it to me at the weekend so I could find jobs to apply for. And over the next few years, even once I'd moved here, I seemed to buy it more often than not.

I haven't bought it in years now. I bought one back in March 2007 that had the advert in for the place I currently work at (I'm in a slightly different job but still based at the same place), but by the time I had the interview for the job I've got now, I'd actually given up on the job hunt (it's a long, not terribly interesting story). Back then, the boards of the Chronicle sellers on the street boasted of 700, 800, sometimes even over 1,000 jobs.

Today's edition had somewhere round 300 jobs.

It was competitive enough back when I was looking for new jobs. But now, when there are so many more people out of work, it must be nigh on impossible for anyone to actually find a job round here.

It made me wonder. Does the same hold true round the rest of England? About a third of the jobs that were up for grabs three or four years back? Or has the north east been hit harder than other places? What about other countries?

I'm really interested in what you think.