Monday, 5 July 2010

There was a double shooting in Gateshead on Saturday. A man newly released from prison allegedly shot his ex girlfriend and murdered her new partner.

He'd warned prison staff before he was released that he was going to hurt her. They passed the warning onto the police. But he still found her, and shot her and her boyfriend.

On Sunday he shot a police officer too, for good measure.

Today, I was in town at lunchtime. I was scared to look up, to catch anyone's eye. Because although the police say that he has grudges against specific people, that they have warned those the gunman might target and offered them protection where necessary, there's no guarantee. His picture is all over the news sites. I'm terrified that if our paths do happen to cross he'll see me recognise him and start shooting anyway.

This afternoon, I could hear constant sirens. The noise was terrifying. My imagination ran riot, imagining him on a shooting rampage down Northumberland Street.

Now there are pictures of officers with scary-looking guns on a roundabout in the East end.

I hope they catch him soon. I always feel safe in Newcastle, but currently, I don't. I don't like this feeling.

I feel so sorry for his ex girlfriend, and for his child. They are going to have to live with this forever. Noone should have to deal with that.


Rebecca Stonebridge said...

It is scary stuff. When things like this happen I do think about the people I know who live in that area.

I hope they catch him soon too. So that you and everyone else can walk the streets and feel safer.

Chris said...

I find this very scarey. I'm worried about what he might do to provoke an incident with the police and who might get hurt in the cross fire.

Catherine W said...

It is so scary. I thought of you when I heard that this was all happening around Newcastle. Stay safe B. x

B said...

thank you all. i'm still hoping he gets caught without further loss of life, and very soon.