Thursday, 1 July 2010

thursday is chronicle jobs day

I've been meaning to post about this for a while.


For those living in Newcastle and looking for a job, Thursday is a key day. It's the day the Chronicle - the local evening paper - comes with the job supplement. Before I moved here, D bought the job paper for me every week and passed it to me at the weekend so I could find jobs to apply for. And over the next few years, even once I'd moved here, I seemed to buy it more often than not.

I haven't bought it in years now. I bought one back in March 2007 that had the advert in for the place I currently work at (I'm in a slightly different job but still based at the same place), but by the time I had the interview for the job I've got now, I'd actually given up on the job hunt (it's a long, not terribly interesting story). Back then, the boards of the Chronicle sellers on the street boasted of 700, 800, sometimes even over 1,000 jobs.

Today's edition had somewhere round 300 jobs.

It was competitive enough back when I was looking for new jobs. But now, when there are so many more people out of work, it must be nigh on impossible for anyone to actually find a job round here.

It made me wonder. Does the same hold true round the rest of England? About a third of the jobs that were up for grabs three or four years back? Or has the north east been hit harder than other places? What about other countries?

I'm really interested in what you think.


Rebecca Stonebridge said...

In Dundee, it's pretty bad. There's usually on average 250 jobs in the paper (on Fridays here)and with so many jobs cuts here, I can imagine that there's a good few going for each of those jobs.

I know I'm looking for a new job and it's near impossible to get one. I don't have a mass of qualifications so there's my first stumbling block. The jobs in the paper are usually specialised.

The most I've seen is 350 jobs advertised but that was years ago.

I don't waste my time looking at the local paper now. It's useless.

Cathy said...

It's bad down here in London. As you probably know Hubby is looking for a job and there is very little to apply for and very many people looking. Being over 50 he stands very little chance :(

biojen said...

It's at least that bad here in the States. My husband and I only have jobs because we already knew the people that hired us. We both spent half of 2008 unemployed after being laid off. All but one of my friend are out of work (permanent jobs) right now. My job doesn't even have benefits but I can't leave because even McDonald's would be competitive for a full time job. I was hoping it would get better now but with the oil spill it is only getting worse. *Sigh* One day things will look up. At least I have a job and a home.