Thursday, 4 November 2010


I went into Eldon Square today. The Christmas lights are up already.

I am not impressed.


They're pretty, though. They could just be pretty in a month's time and I'd be far happier.


I'm sorry this place is so quiet. I want to write, but I'm feeling singularly uninspired at the minute. But I was glad today when I went in Eldon Square and my second thought - after 'what the HELL, it's not christmas yet!!!' - was 'i'll have to blog about this'.

Apparently there isn't much to say about it. But at least the thought was there, eh?


Mosher said...

I know the feeling. Very little time to blog between work and personal life at the moment. Travel blog in particular is getting stale as the only place I'm going at the moment is Glasgow!

Marlyn Guzman said...

i really had a great experience in NCL, i love it! and my favorite place was metro center (ask me why!) lol.
in fact im moving there next year.
Anyway nice blog. just passing to say: i read your blog and love the toon, and of course the gate!.

From dominican republic.