Tuesday, 9 August 2011

no disturbances anywhere near me, but my sister's boyfriend just posted this on facebook:

'Thoughts so far...no where near enough police...at all, at least 10 to 1 outnumbered right outside the flat, armed with fireworks and rocks...good times!'

they've seen people rampaging and a guy beaten up outside.

she is nowhere near far enough away from all this. it's terrifying.

also, is it just me, or is most of this article seeming to say 'we don't want to scare people or for them to think this is out of control'. Newsflash: THIS IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL. NO ONE THINKS IT'S UNDER CONTROL. get the water cannons here pronto, and stop messing around.

edited to say that my sister and her boyf live in the north west not the north east.

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