Thursday, 6 October 2011

Snapshots from Newcastle today

# It was really windy today. And very cold. Me no likey. It's less than a week since it was boiling hot.

# Starbucks on Northumberland Street has had a revamp. It's looking really good. But they had no soya milk, so no coffee for me. *insert sad face*

# I've found the service at Urban Cafe (at Dance City) to be pretty slow but the food definitely worth waiting for.

# There seem to be a much higher proportion of people with brightly coloured hair around the last couple of weeks. Are the new students particularly bright-haired?

# In Haymarket the other day I suddenly realised I was listening to Tchaikovsky. It was weird. I couldn't think what the music was called and it was really annoying. (I've just worked out it was the waltz of the flowers.) The Hotspur pub on twitter tell me that they've been playing classical music in there to deter 'youths' from gathering for a while. You'd think they'd have somewhere better to hang around, eh?

Anyway, I was quite enjoying the classical music (I used to be in a youth orchestra and always loved my Russian composers). But today I was in there and they were playing easy listening. *shudder* Deterring annoying kids is one thing but making the adults that need to wait there for a bus listen to such cr@p is just mean.

# I really want someone to buy me some vegan cupcakes from Cake, as featured on the photo site here. I can't justify spending the money while off on maternity leave. (Yet can somehow justify buying myself coffee from Starbucks. I don't know.)

# I'm really kinda loving Newcastle again. This is good news for those who want more blog posts :) Having tons of fun on twitter too - @ncldailyphoto - if you're on twitter, are you following me?


Jorgelina said...

Hey, nice to see you posting again!!! As for the cupcakes, I hear ya! My cousin used to say "I much rather have an sponsor than a spouse"! hahaha!

B said...

Thanks Jorgelina :) It's fun talking on twitter too - thanks for suggesting it all that time back :)