Sunday, 9 October 2011

This is probably going to sound a bit (...OK, more than a bit) sad. But one of the little things I always liked about living round here is the number plates.

(Oh god, everyone's going to stop reading at that, aren't they?)

(Oh well. Keep on writing Beth!)

You remember before they changed in 2000, the location of registration was marked by the two letters at the end? One of the combinations for round here was CN. This meant that one of the highlights of my day was (still is, if I'm honest) spotting chemical formulae in car registration plates. Specifically KCN and HCN - potassium cyanide and hydrogen cyanide respectively.

As time passes, there are fewer of these cars around, so seeing one makes me happier.

But! We're now up to 61 on number plates. And while this doesn't lend itself to a precise chemical formula... if I see a car bought during this six months that starts with the letters NA and then has 61? That's close enough to NaCl for me to get all excited.

Yes. Salt. That formula? Will make my day.


I did a Chemistry A Level but that was over 15 years ago now. I have no idea why random chemical formulae make me so happy, all this time on.


Is there anything about the place you live (Newcastle or elsewhere) that makes you similarly happy??


Jorgelina said...

We also have letters on plates here in Argentina, and I like to find words in those 3 letters, or make up abreviations for them; my own "mobile text" interpretation! :D

I'm not the only one, I guess! Found this on Flickr

Simon said...

A game we used to play is to count to try and see each number in order. Only whole numbers count and it can get quite competitive if you play against someone else.

For instance, N1 ASD would count for 1 but N12 ASD would only count for 12 and not for 1 or 2. You count upwards and see how far you can get. 1-10 are relatively easy, but then it gets hard until you get to 51-61. I think our record was ~70.

Jenny Beattie said...

It's alright B; my husband is/was a chemist (chemistry not pharmacy) and chemical stuff still makes him happy. All our family make words from number plates. I thought it was normal...